Our History

An idea born and raised in South Georgia. Founded to serve the people and businesses that also call this place home.

It started in 1987. A group of business leaders in Waycross noticed that the banks in their South Georgia communities were all owned by corporations based in other parts of the country. They knew that local leadership makes a difference, so they founded a company to make that happen.

The first new bank was Waycross Bank & Trust. The founders applied for and received a charter from the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance. They opened for business on June 1, 1988.

A good idea has a way of getting around. What started as one bank has grown to a constellation of financial institutions spread across five counties in South Georgia.

Now three banks with eight locations provide financial services most would expect only from the big players. We have the resources to give our customers the outstanding service and innovative products that we founded the company to deliver.

Our founding principles have kept our bank and our customers secure for decades, and our track record of security speaks for itself.

  1. We must operate a safe and sound bank where customers know their money is not at risk and available to them at all times.
  2. Our customers are entitled to the highest level of service - including access to all of the latest banking technology, programs, and services.
  3. Our shareholders are entitled to a solid return on the value of their investment and the sound management of their company.